Toothache and Ear Pain on the Same Side

I am suffering from toothache and ear pain on the same side. Kindly help me, I am in intolerable discomfort. I have been facing toothache and ear pain on the same side of my face for many days. It extends from the last tooth to the left ear. I feel like there is something wrong with my jaw.

Sometimes, I hear ringing in my left ear too. It is hard to chew and eat food properly. Someone said that it is common for my age, is it true?

I am only 18 years old. I checked to see if my tooth is decayed, but there is no sign of caries in any of my teeth. I am puzzled about what’s happening in my mouth. I visit my dentist only in emergencies. Do I really have to get it checked? Or will it go away itself?

Advice by Professional Dentist:

In your age, these symptoms are quite normal with toothache and ear pain on the same side. You can also say that this pain is due to physiological reasons. We all know that human dentition has a total of 32 teeth. And although, most of them erupt normally. The last ones, third molars, are very stubborn.

It erupts in the age group of 18 years to 21 years. It is commonly known as a wisdom tooth. You are at the perfect age for its eruption. It is the very last tooth of every arch and due to the small space in our jaws, it causes severe pain while erupting.

You might be confused maybe because you haven’t seen this issue in any of your friends. That is because most of the people naturally do not have third molars. But those who do, require extractions. And sadly, you are one of them.

When the wisdom tooth starts to erupt, it applies a lot of pressure on the jaw. This results in a sharp pain which usually radiates towards the ear. It is also fairly common to feel tinnitus, that is, ringing in ears. This force also produces some tension on the existing teeth. Thus, rendering them from performing normal functions like chewing. So, this is why you are facing toothache and ear pain on the same side.

Now usually, this pain goes away after the extraction. But, if your tooth gets infected, you will need some antibiotics too. I would suggest you get an appointment with your dental surgeon to get it evaluated, clinically.