Tooth Sensitive to Touch with Finger

For the past 5 days, my upper front tooth is sensitive to touch with finger. Can toothache occur without any reason? Even when I chew food, it feels like someone is stabbing me with a needle. It is quite uncomfortable. Because of this, I cannot eat properly.

I checked it in the mirror, there is no sign of caries, or, any kind of decay. I have been wondering what is wrong with it. At first, I thought maybe my gums are the real problem. But there is no calculus or plaque.

My brushing habits are good. I clean my teeth twice daily. I have never faced any dental problem before. I have a very strong dentition. I can even crack walnuts with my teeth. I have no idea what this is, and why I am suffering from tooth sensitive to touch with finger. Please guide me. I need expert opinion from a dentist.

Free Dental Advice by Professional Dentist:

Having a tooth sensitive to touch with finger is something which requires bit of your attention. First of all, it is nice to know that you maintain good oral hygiene. Now, as far as your issue goes, I do have some guesses of where you went wrong. You said that you checked clinically and found no lesion.

Well, I would like to clear some things here. It is not necessary for every decay to be visible. Sometimes, in the early stages, caries cannot be seen from a naked eye. The lesion oftentimes hides behind interproximal spaces, as a result, you cannot see it. Thus, you can’t be sure about not having caries.

Now, a tooth can be sensitive to touch for many reasons. It can be due to gum problems, caries, fracture, cystic issues, pulpal infection, etc.

In your case, since you cannot see anything visually, I highly doubt the possibility of cyst or periodontal problems. For pulpal infection, there have to be some other signs, too. So, I would not completely cross it off the list but I think that’s not your problem.

In my opinion, you have a fractured tooth. I may be wrong, but I think this is the problem you are facing. The fact that you crack hard objects like walnuts with your teeth, supports my diagnosis. When a tooth fractures, it becomes highly sensitive to touch and other sensations. This explains your pain while eating.

To control the symptoms urgently, avoid eating from the affected side of your dentition. Other than that, start taking some painkillers. This will reduce your discomfort until you can visit a doctor. I will advise you to eat a soft diet and avoid cleaning your teeth aggressively. Put minimum pressure on the affected tooth and hopefully, you will feel better soon.

This condition can be confirmed with an x-ray of your tooth. And for the definite treatment, you have to get a professional opinion as soon as possible. I would suggest you get an appointment with your dentist for further evaluation.