Child Broken Tooth in Half

My child broken tooth in half. I am the mother of a 4-year-old. Yesterday, my son fell off the stairs. I didn’t notice at that time but today I saw that my child broken tooth in half. His front tooth has a clear crack on it. He is complaining of sharp pain. Every time he eats something, he bursts into tears because of the pain. 

I have been waiting to take him to a dentist, but I couldn’t get an appointment. I have no idea what will happen now. My son is really scared of dentists in general. Will he need any sort of injection? Because my son gets afraid of needles. Can the doctor unconscious him for the treatment?

Will he need extraction? If yes, how will he eat without his tooth? Also, his smile is destroyed too. Will this stay like this always? What is the definitive treatment of this condition? Kindly guide me through it.

Free Dental Counselling Regarding Broken Tooth:

Don’t worry if your child has broken tooth in half. For a child of his age, it is fairly common to go through such incidents. Unfortunately, he has fractured his tooth. But it is deciduous or more commonly known as milk tooth. It will be replaced by its permanent successor after some years. Till then, your child needs something to preserve his smile and occlusal functions.

The extent of the damage in your child’s tooth can be checked with a radiograph only. Therefore, without an x-ray, diagnosis cannot be made. Once we will establish the damage level only then we can come up with a treatment plan. But there are several things that could happen in his treatment. If the tooth is not completely broken and is vital, it can be conserved with restorative techniques. But, if the pulp chamber is damaged, and there is no sign of vitality, then it has to be extracted.

I can see that your major concerns are your child’s pain and fear. For the pain, I’ll suggest you to start some painkiller syrups that are generally advised to him by his pediatrician. Now for the fear, there are few things that can happen.

Try searching for a dentist that experts in the pedodontics. They know very well how to manage young patients. Sometimes, they use distractions like cartoons and games, to lower the fear level. Other times, they use activities to gain a child’s trust. This way, even if he needs any injectables, the doctor will take care of him without needing to unconscious your child.

Once, his tooth will get restored, he can continue eating with the help of it. Till then, ask him to avoid chewing from the affected side. Also, give him a soft diet instead of hard foods that require more effort to chew. Other than that, this is just a temporary phase. Your child will get his permanent teeth very soon. After that, you will not even remember this happened. I hope this suffices the information required by you under your query: child broken tooth in half.